IDPro® Launches CIDPRO™ Exam for Identity Professionals!

Identity professionals need a method for validating their skills and level of experience within the IAM industry. Likewise, employers need to be able to ensure that potential employees have the necessary standard knowledge for the role and a means of evaluating the progress of existing employees.


By establishing the CIDPRO™ – Certified Identity Professional – program, IDPro is providing identity professionals – and employers – a method for validating essential IAM industry knowledge.


Developed with the help of a diverse team of global identity professionals, CIDPRO is a long-awaited, rigorous, vendor-neutral certification program. Learn more!

Where can an identity and access management practitioner turn for advice? How can organizations grow new identity practitioners? How can the identity and access management industry grow in executive mindshare, market size, and equality? The answer is a professional organization for identity management.


What does such an organization look like? It is an organization whose mission is to be the tide that lifts all boats. A place for professionals to learn how to make their programs and projects more successful. A place for professionals to learn how to grow their own careers. A place for professionals to learn how to work with their peers from security, privacy, and lines of business. An independent voice that extols the value of identity management as a partner and equal to both security and privacy as well as a crucial partner for customer delight with our lines-of-business.


IDPro® is that organization.