2019 Skills and Programs Survey

Executive Summary

Starting in 2018, IDPro executed two annual skills surveys in order to share with the digital identity management industry who its practitioners are and where their interest lay. Through these surveys, IDPro has determined that:

  • A major of practitioners share five areas experience
  • The feeling proficient as an identity practitioner is a long journey
  • Enterprises’ interests and individuals’ skills sets are often well aligned
  • Enterprise near-term priorities align with individual interests in some areas
  • Misalignment between enterprise near-term priorities and individual interests present opportunities to both

Message from the President

I am thrilled to be able to formally share the results of our skills and program survey with you. To date, no organization has conducted such a study of our industry and our practitioners. When we founded IDPro in 2017, it was part of our vision to help digital identity practitioners learn from other practitioners and this survey is part of that vision. 

The results of our survey are important for individuals and organizations alike. Individuals will find which technical and non-technical skills other practitioners found useful in their careers. Organizations will learn which of their priorities align with practitioner’s experience and interests. Both will learn where the growth areas of our industry lie.

This report is our first pass through the survey data. There is more we can and will do over time – we have our own ideas, but we are also keen to understand from members and non-members alike how we can most usefully develop the survey. That said, this is a meaningful start and I look forward to expanding the effort in future years.

Ian Glazer
Founder and President, IDPro, October 30, 2019

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