2021 IDPro® Skills, Programs & Diversity Survey – the results are in!

We are excited to share that the results of the 2021 IDPro Skills, Programs & Diversity Survey are now available for download!

This represents the fourth annual survey of the digital identity industry conducted by IDPro and made possible by our members and the participants. We began this as a means of better understanding the goals, interests, skills, and noticeable trends among identity industry professionals and the enterprises that employ them. This year, the survey was expanded to include a section examining diversity and inclusivity within the industry. The survey also took place during the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, so it has provided unique insight into the short-term pressures and long-term trends this will have on the industry.

Other items worth noting:

  • COVID continues to impact our industry—work from anywhere, digital transformation, and the need for practitioners to connect.
  • Directories are becoming less important, as IDaaS and other technologies abstract away the direct visibility of user-data hierarchy. 
  • Identity Verification is now a significant focus for both enterprises and professionals.
  • Early-stage professionals consistently overestimate their skills, while experienced practitioners underestimate theirs, impacting career development and presenting employers with hiring, nurturing, and retention challenges.
  • Diversity and inclusivity are important to professionals and to enterprises alike.

Read more on each of these topics and many more in the full report!

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