2022 Skills, Programs & Diversity Survey Q&A Webinar Recap

During the latest IDPro® webinar, the 2022 Skills, Programs & Diversity Survey Q&A webinar, IDPro founders Ian Glazer and Andi Hindle shared an overview of the 2022 IDPro Skills Survey, discussing the survey development process and important trends for identity and access management industry professionals while also answering audience questions.

The 2022 IDPro Skills Survey is the fifth annual installment of IDPro’s digital identity industry survey and is made possible due to the ongoing support of our members. The Skills Survey provides an opportunity to better understand the goals, interests, skills and trends among identity industry professionals and their employers. The survey has continued to expand to examine industry members and their employer’s priorities as well as inclusion and diversity within the IAM industry.

The webinar was a great opportunity to further the discussion into leading trends within the digital identity community, including:

  • The COVID Spring: A concept where organizations and individuals shifted their priorities, interests and skills within the digital identity industry after emerging from the COVID pandemic.
  • The Rise of Applied Identity: This change in the identity profession demonstrates the rise of identity practitioners who take identity technology and apply it in different disciplines.
  • Misalignment of Individual and Enterprise Interests: There is a notable mismatch between what identity professionals believe will matter and what the enterprise is interested in within the IAM industry.

During the Q&A, Ian and Andi responded to questions from the audience furthering the discussion on these trends. The questions we received included:  

  • How did you differentiate between practitioners and vendors. Or how did you remove non-practitioners from the survey?
  • Are there any plans to bring forth additional certifications, including developer-focused or a level-up?
  • What is meant by “lateral thinking” within the survey?

If you’re interested in learning more, the webinar recording is available on our YouTube channel and the full report is available for download on our website.

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