The State of the Digital Identity Profession: Insights from the 7th Annual IDPro® Skills, Programs & Diversity Survey

Technological advancements, shifting market dynamics, and changing regulatory environments are creating an incredibly dynamic environment for digital identity practitioners. IDPro’s seventh annual Skills, Programs & Diversity Survey, conducted by IDPro and sponsored by Acsense, Hindle Consulting, and Weave Identity, provides critical insights by identity practitioners and for identity practitioners. The survey plays a powerful role in informing both individual practitioners and organizations about the current trends, challenges, and opportunities in identity management.

Survey Highlights

Focus on Authorization A standout finding from this year’s survey is the significant attention towards authorization. Nearly 28% of respondents identified it as a top priority within their organizations, and 22% expressed a keen interest in delving deeper into this area. This focus is likely stimulated by notable advancements in authorization technologies, such as AWS’s Cedar and OpenID Foundation’s AuthZen Working Group. The demand for dynamic, near real-time access management is pushing the continuous evolution of standards and technologies in authorization, reflecting its critical role in today’s security landscape.

The Broader Business Impact Despite the technological focus, digital identity management continues to be predominantly viewed through a cybersecurity lens. However, the survey highlights a persistent gap between the technological interest of practitioners and the organizational prioritization, especially in areas like verifiable credentials and decentralized identities. This gap indicates a significant opportunity for organizations to align their identity management strategies more closely with business objectives such as customer acquisition and retention.

Industry Demographics and Future Challenges The survey also sheds light on the demographic composition of the identity management field. Most respondents have over six years of experience, pointing to a matured industry. However, this maturity brings challenges; there is a noticeable trend towards hiring senior-level professionals, which could lead to a skills and experience gap as current leaders begin to retire. This demographic trend emphasizes the need for strategic changes in hiring and training to prepare the next generation of IAM professionals.


The IDPro® Skills, Programs & Diversity Survey serves as an essential tool for the digital identity management industry, offering valuable insights that can help shape the future of identity strategies and technologies. As we look forward to the continued evolution of this field, it is clear that both challenges and opportunities lie ahead.

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