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IDPro's Body of Knowledge

Crucial to IDPro's mission and the future of the identity industry is a body of knowledge. It is meant to provide vendor- and technology-neutral guidance for practitioners of all tenures in all industries. The Body of Knowledge (or BoK) is currently being built by IDPro members and volunteers.

While the content in the BoK will go through both a peer and a public review, IDPro cannot provide any guarantee that the material is correct or applicable in all situations, or that it is freely available to the public.

IDPro is please to make these two related documents available to everyone under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license for personal use..

IDPro Body of Knowledge Table of Contents

The following linked document is a the current table of contents of Body of Knowledge. It will give the reader a sense for what content IDPro is currently developing. 

Read the IDPro Body of Knowledge Table of Contents

Annotated Bibliography

This document is intended as a way to convey some of the accumulated wisdom and knowledge of the members of IDPro. It is in the form of an annotated bibliography, where the references may be books, articles, or any other form of knowledge transfer.

This collation of suggestions from identity professionals hopes to provide a needed resource for people with the courage and curiosity to begin something. The information referenced within span a wide range of topics and a wide range of approaches. More than that, it offers a glimpse as to why your peers suggested the resource in the first place. Knowing why someone read something is a useful clue as to the value you may get from reading the same thing.

Read the IDPro Annotated Bibliography

BoK Workflow

This graphic depicts the workflow followed and tools used during the development of the BoK. The tools are not directly integrated - the authors, shepherds, and editor have tasks in each section, and update each tool according to where the individuals and their articles are in the process.

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