IDPro offers 4 classes of membership: Corporate; Enterprise, Group, and Individual. Within these classes are different levels of participation. The Corporate membership (Champion, Advocate, & Affiliate) is oriented towards those organizations interested in maximizing their marketing relationship with IDPro. 

Large corporations are defined as those with over 500 employees. 
Medium corporations are defined as those with between 2-500 employees.
Sole is defined as individual or small organizations with 1-2 employees or sole proprietor.

* All fees are in USD$

  Champion Advocate Affiliate Enterprise Group Individual
     Platinum: $12,500 Platinum: $9,600 $150
  Large: $50,000 Large: $10,000  Large: $2,500 Gold: $6,500 Gold: $5,200 
 Medium: $25,000 Medium: $5,000  Medium: $1,250 Silver: $3,375 Silver: $2,700  
 Benefits Sole: $12,500 Sole: $2,500  Sole: $300 Bronze: $2,100 Bronze: $1,690 

 Brand Recognition      
  Brand recognition on Website Prominent Prominent X   
  Brand recognition at conferences & seminars Prominent     
  Brand placement in member communications X X    
 Participation Benefits      
  Individual memberships for employees 25 employees 10 employees 5 employees 100 | 50 | 25 | 15100 | 50 | 25 | 15 
  Access to all IDPro virtual meetings X X  X X X X
  Opportunity to publish one curated article per annum to membership Sole Author Co-Author    
  Access to curated content and toolsXX X X X X
  Regular, curated communicationsXX X X X X
  Unlimited job postings on the websiteXX  X X 
 Strategic Benefits      
  One position on Nominating Committee X   Platinum Benefit  Platinum Benefit 
  Eligibility to participate in non-board committees & groups X X X X X X

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