Announcing New Membership Levels

IDPro’s mission is to globally foster ethics and excellence in the practice and profession of digital identity. We do that by supporting IAM professionals with the Body of Knowledge, the CIDPRO certification and our vibrant members-only community. 

To better serve our community, we are streamlining our membership structure, making IDPro more accessible to a broad audience and enabling members to upgrade as their goals evolve.  

IDPro membership will now consist of two levels, 1) individual membership and 2) corporate membership tiers from Ash at $300 to our Diamond tier at $50,000. Corporate membership benefits closely map previous levels. 

The streamlined membership levels introduce new benefits like CIDPRO exams and exam discounts, and in many cases increase the number of individual memberships included as part of a corporate membership. The membership agreement will be updated to reflect the new structure. As per the agreement, changes will not take effect for existing members until 60 days after the revised agreement has been sent out. To be clear, your membership level will not change unless you agree to it. 

As we continue to grow, each member helps IDPro toward its goal of defining, supporting and improving the digital identity profession while standardizing key terminologies and furthering the discussion on IAM industry topics.

Visit the membership section of the website here for more information and to reach out with questions.

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