Body of Knowledge 101 Webinar Recap

During a recent IDPro® webinar, IDPro Principal Editor Heather Flanagan and IDPro Executive Director and President Heather Vescent discussed the Body of Knowledge, a compendium of curated articles covering a wide range of IAM topics, enabling identity practitioners to expand and solidify their industry knowledge.

The webinar covered the establishment and continued development of the BoK as a resource for people interested in expanding their identity and access management (IAM) knowledge. The BoK is written and reviewed by IAM professionals, for IAM professionals, and aims to develop and provide resources for the education and career advancement of identity professionals worldwide. The BoK has continued to expand over the course of several years. After initially publishing in 2020, the BoK has gone on to receive 25 additional articles, 60,000 views and 10,000 downloads, all within 145 countries.

The key to the BoK’s success is in its contributors. The BoK webinar outlined the process for contributing, including a wish list for the ideal Volume 1 BoK Table of Contents. An article goes through a lifecycle of ideation and brainstorming to collaboration, writing, submission, peer review, publication and refreshing articles which occurs about 3-4 times a year.

Some of the desired topics within this wish list include:

  • Identity and shared devices
  • Use case: integrating with social media
  • Specific challenges to the “leaver” phase of the digital identity lifecycle
  • Authentication policies and governance

The webinar also covered some of the ways you can get involved with supporting the BoK either as an author or a peer reviewer. IDPro can help with any challenges you may face with writing academic articles.

If you would like to participate in the development of the Body of Knowledge, contact Heather Flanagan at You can also watch the IDPro Body of Knowledge Webinar in its entirety on our YouTube channel.

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