IDPro® Body of Knowledge Volume 1

The Body of Knowledge (BoK) is a compendium of curated articles intended to form the basis of a robust learning and certification program for identity and access management practitioners. For more information on the submission and review process, please see our Submissions page.

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From the Editor


Consumer / Citizen IAM

Workforce IAM

Standards, Regulations, and Laws

IAM Architecture and Solutions

Access Control

Digital Identity

Non-Human Entities

Project Management

Operational Considerations

Other Body of Knowledge Publications and Components

Table of Contents

This document is the work draft of the table of contents for the entire Body of Knowledge. As you can see there are many topics we want to cover and could use your help to do so!

Annotated Bibliography

This document is intended as a way to convey some of the accumulated wisdom and knowledge of the members of IDPro. It is in the form of an annotated bibliography, where the references may be books, articles, or any other form of knowledge transfer.

Program Charter

This document is the charter for the Body of Knowledge. Designed to last through the lifetime of IDPro, the BoK aims to create and maintain a sustainable learning resource for identity professionals and support the CIDPRO program by which identity professionals may certify their knowledge and experience.

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