IDPro’s Body of Knowledge Publication Status

Crucial to IDPro’s mission and the future of the identity industry is a body of knowledge. It is meant to provide vendor- and technology-neutral guidance for practitioners of all tenures in all industries. The Body of Knowledge (or BoK) is currently being built by IDPro members and volunteers.

We are thrilled to announce that Volume 1 of the Body of Knowledge has been published!

The BoK is a “living document.” As of November 2020, here is the status of articles that are making their way through the BoK process:

Concepts looking for Authors

The following are topics that we are actively looking for authors. If you are keen to contribute, you can select from the topics below. And if those topics aren’t one of your strengths but still interested in contributing, let us know by reaching out via the Contact Us below.

(See also the draft Table of Contents which outlines the ideas we expect to cover in the BoK)

  • Identity Components – this could be a whole set of articles that helps explain terms like Identity Provider, Relying Party, Clients, and more.
  • Sector-specific definitions around Digital Identity
  • The use of certificates, biometrics, and other forms of information as digital identifiers
  • Privilege Management – Classes of tools, common patterns, cloud vs on-prem vs hybrid, etc.

Content in Development (Issue 4)

  • Consolidated Terminology (updated)
  • “Bias in IAM Systems” – Emma Lindley and Janelle Allen
  • “Introduction to Identity – Part 3: Scenarios” – Steve Hutchinson, Jon Lehtinen
  • “Access Governance”- André Koot, Lori Robinson
  • “Policy-Based Access Control” – Mary McKee 
  • Authentication, Authorization, Assurance – three videos by Mike Kiser
  • “Context and Identity” – André Koot, Corey Scholefield
  • “Ethics in IAM” – Mike Kiser
  • “Account Recovery” – Dean Saxe
  • “Access Governance” – André Koot
  • “Business Case for IGA” – André Koot
  • “Customer Service Considerations for IAM” – Arynn Crow, JP Rowan
  • Identity Federation from an Enterprise Standpoint- Patrick Lunney

Content in Peer Review

None at this time

Content the BoK Committee is reviewing

  • None at this time

Content the Principle Editor is reviewing

  • None at this time

Content with the IDPro Board

  • None at this time

Fourth edition targets

  • 8 January 2021 – collaborative edits done; docs ready to submit for peer review
  • 29 January 2021 – peer reviews complete
  • 5 February 2021 – author and Principal Editor edits complete
  • 12 February 2021 – BoK Committee reviews complete
  • 19 February 2021 – IDPro Board reviews complete
  • 19 February 2021 – send list of articles, authors to marketing for an outreach campaign

Target publication date for volume 1, issue 4 = 26 February 2021

Want to contribute to the IDPro Body of Knowledge?

Please use the below form to let us know about your proposed contribution. We will be pleased to consider your input if relevant: