CIDPRO Exam Beta Test – Results, Importance and Future of the Exam

We are pleased to share that 25 people have completed IDPro’s Certified Identity Professional (CIDPRO) exam and have become CIDPRO certified. This officially concludes the CIDPRO exam’s beta test and demonstrates its continued growth as an essential, foundational piece in validating identity experts’ industry knowledge.

To become CIDPRO certified, candidates must complete the CIDPRO exam which tests the individual’s knowledge in a range of industry subject matter including functional and operational elements of an identity solution, core concepts of security for identity and rules and standards as well as identifiers, identity lifecycle and identity proofing. Becoming CIDPRO-certified validates a candidate’s personal experience and knowledge of essential identity skills helping to increase credibility through verified vendor-neutral foundational knowledge. 

Read testimonials from recently certified CIDPRO certification holders sharing why the exam is important for them:

“CIDPRO fills a significant gap in the professionalization of digital identity as the importance of this essential discipline continues to increase within enterprise security. The breadth of the exam materials and questions personally helped me get up to speed with many aspects of identity that I was unfamiliar with, from privacy laws and NIST standards to the practical challenges of running a helpdesk. It is so valuable that we are considering making it our standard training for new employees at” Romain Lenglet – Chief Software Architect – Identity and Access Management at SGNL.

“The CIDPRO exam is important to me for two reasons: it helps me validate my individual identity knowledge and it enables me to demonstrate my commitment to the digital identity field. As one of the first real certifications in the area of identity, the CIDPRO exam promotes identity and access management as an important aspect of any organization.” Paul van Berlo – Solution Architect Modern Workplace / Microsoft 365 at Philips Domestic Appliances.

“The CIDPRO exam questions are carefully designed by IAM domain experts. Great care is taken to ensure that candidates really understand the context of the content of the Body of Knowledge (BoK) articles and have not just memorized them. I was able to apply the knowledge I acquired from the BoK in a variety of ways in my professional practice. I am proud to have passed the exam and to be an active and supporting member of IDPro.” Martin Lössl – Senior Consultant at Ventum Consulting.

Following the successful completion of the CIDPRO exam’s beta test, we are actively incorporating feedback to improve the candidate experience. We plan to continue developing additional in-depth study materials and collaborate with external trainers to expand the exam and its reach. Our main goal is to create an all-inclusive digital identity exam that enables identity and access management industry practitioners to validate their experience and demonstrate their knowledge.

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