What resources are available to help me prepare? Do I need to study? The IDPro® Body of Knowledge (BoK) is the foundational resources to prepare for the CIDPRO® certification exam. Reading the BoK and reviewing the Key Terms is recommended. Additional reference resources are also available. You can watch a recording of the CIDPRO Prep webinar to learn more.

How much preparation is required? This depends on previous education and experience per candidate.

Is it a multiple choice exam? Yes. All questions are multiple choice with one correct (or best) answer.

How do I take the exam? The exam is offered online and is proctored virtually.

What technology is required for me to take the exam remotely? A personal computer, internal or external video camera, and internet access are required. Additional details and set up support will be shared after registration.

How many questions are on the exam? There are approximately 150 questions in the CIDPRO exam.

How much time do I have to write the exam? The CIDPRO exam takes three hours.

When taking the exam, can I go back and change answers? No. You cannot skip or go back to change answers.

How do I register? The CIDPRO exam is administered by Kryterion. To register, go to https://webassessor.com/idpro or click here.

Exam Scheduling

The exam can be taken at any time. Times are selected during registration.

How much does the exam cost? The CIDPRO exam fee is $750 USD.

How can I reschedule my exam? For online proctored exams, contact Kryterion Technical Support via chat or web form at least 24 hours prior to the exam. A $95 exam change fee will apply to reschedule within 24 hours of the exam time. For onsite exams, contact Kryterion Technical Support via chat or web form at least 72 hours prior to the exam. A $95 exam change fee will apply to reschedule within 72 hours of the exam time.

What is the exam cancellation process? Contact Kryterion Technical Support via chat or web form to cancel your exam. For cancellations within 24 hours (for online exams) and 72 hours (for onsite exams), fees paid are non-refundable. Extenuating circumstances, with supporting documentation, will be considered on a case-by-case basis for a partial refund. This also applies to registered candidates who do not attend their exam and did not provide notice.

Who do I contact with questions about registration? Contact Kryterion Technical Support via live chat or web form.

When and how will I receive my test results? CIDPRO exam results are provided immediately. However, beta exam participants will receive their results within six weeks after the end of the exam window via email.

What will the exam score report email include? For those who pass an examination, scores are not provided. For those who fail an examination, the overall score, cut score, and a breakdown of scores by each domain will be provided.

What is a passing grade? The passing grade, or cut score, is determined using a criterion-referenced method, which means the passing grade is determined based on the expectations of the level of knowledge and skills that are required to hold the certification.

What if I do not pass? What is the exam retake process? Individuals who do not pass the exam are invited to purchase a new exam voucher to retake the exam after 30 days.

What Certification will I earn? CIDPRO™, Certified Identity Professional.

Does Certification include digital badging? Yes. After successful completion of your exam, you will be sent an email with instructions to claim your digital badge through Credly.

Can I have extra time if English is my second language? Yes. Contact us at certification@idpro.org to make arrangements.

Is continuing education required to maintain CIDPRO Certification? No, not at this time.

General inquiries and questions can be directed to certification@idpro.org.