CIDPRO – Certified Identity Professional

Many identity professionals are looking for ways to validate their level of experience and skill set when navigating the IAM industry. Unfortunately, today, there is no way for them to demonstrate to employers that they are appropriately suited for the job. 

Likewise, enterprises and organizations are seeking employees with the proper standard of knowledge and expertise to fill IAM roles, but are doing so without a consistent evaluation standard, making it difficult to assess a candidate’s merits. 

By establishing the CIDPRO – Certified Identity Professional – program, we are providing identity professionals – and their potential employers – with a method for validating basic IAM industry knowledge.

Built by a diverse team of global identity professionals, CIDPRO represents a rigorous, vendor-neutral certification program.

The CIDPRO exam will cover five pillars of identity and access management. Each of those five pillars are outlined in our objectives and sub-objectives.

The next step in the exam development process is to write and review exam questions, and to do that, we need industry experts to act as test item writers. Learn more about becoming a CIDPRO Test Item Writer.

Learn more about taking the CIDPRO certification test. 

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