I took and passed :tada:  my IDPro exam yesterday and can say that it was quite a challenge, but good preparation paid off. Working through the BoK helped a lot but some questions required real world experience to find the best answers.

– Thomas Darimont, Senior Consultant, codecentric AG

Master Your IAM Skills

Identity professionals need a method for validating their skills and level of experience within the IAM industry. Likewise, employers need to be able to ensure that potential employees have the necessary standard knowledge for the role and a means of evaluating the progress of existing employees.

By establishing the CIDPRO® – Certified Identity Professional – program, IDPro is providing identity professionals – and employers – a method for validating essential IAM industry knowledge. Developed with the help of a diverse team of global identity professionals, CIDPRO is a long-awaited, rigorous, vendor-neutral certification program.

Benefits of CIDPRO Certification

For the Candidate
  • Stretch (expand) IAM knowledge by identifying gaps
  • Validate personal experience and expertise
  • Credibility and employability within the industry as having proven, vendor-neutral-identified, foundational knowledge
  • Demonstrate commitment to the industry and continued learning
  • Recognition of knowledge and achievement with globally recognized industry certification and accompanying badge
For the Industry
  • Provides a focused development path for employers and employees
  • Establishes a baseline of proficiency and supports recruiting efforts
  • Reinforces company credibility with customers, solution partners, and vendors
  • Address IAM skills shortages in key areassuch as software development, implementation, and security architectureto support continued training

IDPro offers a core set of free, vendor-neutral learning materials through the Body of KnowledgeReference Resources, and a practice exam to help you prepare for the CIDPRO exam. The CIDPRO exam is $750, with IDPro individual and corporate members receiving discounts. The practice exam is $50. Register to earn your CIDPRO credential TODAY!

Interested in learning more? Contact the CIDPRO Certification Team at certification@idpro.org.