For Mac users, please note that macOS 11.4 (Big Sur) is not supported. These users will have to roll back their macOS to 11.1 in order to use the online exam software (Sentinel), or use a Windows PC. 

Beta Exam Candidate Support

The following information is for candidates who have been invited to register for the CIDPRO™ beta exam.

Beta exam participants are required to participate in two CIDPRO Exam sessions with a duration of up to three hours each.    

Selected beta candidates will only be charged 25% of the regular CIDPRO Exam fee ($750 USD), for a total of $187.50 USD (plus taxes). 

Candidates are encouraged to read the IDPro® Body of Knowledge (BoK) as well as review the Key Terms in preparation for the exam. Additional reference resources are also available . 

An overview of content covered in the CIDPRO exam is available here

Candidates must reserve two exam dates online within the designated time frame indicated in acceptance notification emails. All exams will be virtual and can be taken anywhere the participant has access to an internet connection and a quiet space. Each exam will take approximately three hours to complete.

Participants who successfully pass the exam will receive the CIDPRO professional designation, a global accolade that:

  • Validates personal experience and expertise
  • Increases credibility and employability within the industry through proven vendor-neutral foundational knowledge
  • Demonstrates commitment to the industry

Participants who do not pass will be given an opportunity to retake the exam following the global launch taking place later this year. 

CIDPRO Global Exam

Individuals interested in registering for the CIDPRO Global Exam, email

Download the CIDPRO Justification Letter template and share with your manager.

For more information read the FAQ document or email