Code of Conduct


  • I will accept responsibility for making decisions consistent with the safety, health, and welfare of the public, and to promptly and responsibly disclose factors that might endanger the privacy or security of their digital identity.
  • I will avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest whenever possible, and I will disclose them to affected parties when they do exist.
  • I will strive to minimize the risk of harm to individuals or organizations in the course of my work.
  • Should I become aware of the risk of harm to individuals or organizations in the work that I am doing or have completed, I shall strive to rectify the harm.

Personal Integrity

  • I will uphold high standards of honesty and behavior, strive for full intellectual and moral engagements, and consider myself bound to support mature and responsible actions within my profession.
  • I will not engage in acts of unfair discrimination based on qualities such as age, citizenship, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation or any other such factor.
  • I will respect the privacy of others and will act to maintain the integrity of information describing individuals or vulnerable groups.
  • I will not deliberately engage in acts which cause harm to others. This includes, but is not limited to, loss of property, property or reputational damage, unwanted contact, deliberate intimidation, harassment of any nature, physical or emotional injury, publishing a person’s private information, and advocating for any of the above behaviors.

Skills, Education, and Awareness

  • Regardless of my role with respect to identity technologies and the digital identity industry, I will work to improve the awareness and understanding of the standards and best practices in the identity and access management space.
  • I will maintain and expand my skills and knowledge through a commitment to lifelong learning and continued professional education.
  • I will undertake technological tasks for others only if qualified by training or experience, or after full disclosure of pertinent limitations.
  • I will seek, accept, and offer honest criticism of technical work, acknowledge and correct errors, and properly credit the contributions of others.

Community Guidelines

We want the IDPro community to be a collaborative, beneficial, friendly, and welcoming space for our identity professionals, at all levels of experience and in all industries. Help us foster and strengthen the community by following these guidelines and respecting everyone on our forums and at our gatherings.


Our communities are formed of individuals. Therefore, we ask that when you create your online profile, it is an individual profile and not that of your company or organization. Should we find that you have created a multi-user profile, you will be asked to change your profile accordingly or risk being removed from the forums.

Healthy Disagreement

There may be people you disagree with, have strong antipathy for, or just don’t get along with. We expect and encourage discussion on the forums and in our gatherings that may have differing and contrasting viewpoints. However, at all times, we expect you to conduct yourselves in a respectful manner. If you feel you cannot contribute to or continue a conversation in a respectful manner, we ask that you remove yourself from the discussion. Ad hominem attacks, trolling, and harassment will not be tolerated.


As individuals, we wear many hats – sometimes more than one at the same time. At times, it may be difficult to separate your distinct selves when you are participating in online forums. In those cases, especially where you are providing opinions, reviews, etc. of products or companies with which you have anything more formal than a consumer relationship, you should clearly state your affiliations before contributing and understand that there may be cases where you should abstain from participating in the conversation(s).
If you engage in multiple conversations where you are not sufficiently declaring your affiliations before providing input or opinion AND this action is flagged to IDPro staff, you may be removed from our forums.
Lastly, our online forums are never spaces where you can direct message, start discussion threads, or act to sell products or services.