CVS Health Joins IDPro® as our Newest Champion Member

IDPro® is excited to welcome CVS Health as the newest Champion member of our organization of digital identity professionals.

CVS Health is a leading health solutions company, delivering care and improving the health of communities across America through its local presence, digital channels and over 300,000 dedicated colleagues, including over 40,000 physicians, pharmacists, nurses and nurse practitioners. CVS assists people with managing chronic diseases, staying compliant with their medications or accessing affordable health and wellness services in the most convenient ways. CVS Health helps people navigate the health care system and their personal health care by improving access, lowering costs and being a trusted partner for every meaningful moment of health. 

As Champion members of IDPro, CVS Health receives a nominating committee seat, unlimited individual memberships for employees, and prominent brand recognition across the website, at conferences and seminars, and throughout in-member communications. CVS Health receives the ability to create content for IDPro’s monthly newsletter the Monthly Member Update, early access to the annual IDPro Skills, Programs & Diversity survey, access to our members-only Slack channel to discuss IAM topics, CIDPRO exam discounts and more. 

“We are excited to have such a prominent company with a strong influence within the health and wellness industry join our organization and demonstrate its commitment to the importance of digital identity,” said Heather Vescent, Executive Director and President, IDPro. “We aim to ensure that the disciplines of digital identity and access management are globally seen as vital and vibrant counterparts to privacy and information security and, with the help of member companies like CVS Health, we can achieve this goal.”

IDPro continues to grow as more industries recognize the necessity of digital identity and access management. As we welcome more members into IDPro, the discussion is furthered on identity and access management topics within our Slack channels and throughout our published content. Furthermore, the need for certification tools and identity resources, like the CIDPRO exam and the Body of Knowledge compendium expands.

To learn more about our membership options, you can view our members’ benefits chart and learn more about these benefits on our website. Stay tuned for future member updates on the IDPro community!

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