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Member Presentations – Identiverse 2019

Day 1Identity 101 – Part 1Ian Glazer, Pam Dingle, Steve HutchinsonAuthN, AuthZ, Identity VerificationYouTube
Day 1Identity 101 – Part 2Ian Glazer, Pam Dingle, Steve HutchinsonPAM, PKI, Identity of Things, Privacy, StandardsYouTube
Day 1OAuth 2.0 Master Class – Part 1Justin RicherAuthorizationYouTube
Day 1OAuth 2.0 Master Class – Part 2Justin RicherAuthorizationYouTube
Day 1OAuth 2.0 Master Class – Part 3Justin RicherAuthorizationYouTube
Day 1Modern Identity for Developers 101Vittorio BertocciIdentity & DevelopmentYouTube
Day 1Keeping up with the Kantarians: a community effortKantara InitiativeAuthorizationYouTube
Day 1Keeping up with the Kantarians in Identity AssuranceCatherine SchultenIdentity AssuranceYouTube
Day 1Keeping up with the Kantarians: Privacy Control PanelAndrew HughesAuthorizationYouTube
Day 1Keeping up with the Kantarians: UMA 2 UpdateThomas HardjonoAuthorizationYouTube
Day 1Five Things CISOs Must Know About IdentitySarah Cecchetti (Squire)PAM, MFAYouTube
Day 1Transactional AuthorizationJustin RicherAuthorizationYouTube
Day 1Managing Self-Sovereign IdentitiesGeorge FletcherDecentralized IdentitityYouTube
Day 1Policy-enabling your services:…David BrossardAuthenticationYouTube
Day 1As the World Turns: Real-World Identity Relationships Driving Data DecisioningEve MalerIdentity Relationship ManagementYouTube
Day 1Navigating NIST SP-800-63-3 thanks to practical xAL cheat sheetsJean-Francios LombardoStandards, Professional DevelopmentYouTube
Day 1My Phone is my PasswordRob OttoAuthenticationYouTube
Day 1Authentication & Authorization in a micro services worldCarlos GarciaAuthentication, AuthorizationYouTube
Day 1SailPoint Presents: Real World Case Study – CSL IAM JourneySailPointIdentity Governance & AuditYouTube
Day 2Next-generation IDM: managing identities for peopleAndrew NashHistoryYouTube
Day 2Building Identity ProfessionalsHeather Flanagan, Sarah Ceccheti (Squire)Professional DevelopmentYouTube
Day 2A Modern Architecture for Customer Identity ServicesAndrew CameronCIAMYouTube
Day 2Use of standards & open source in provincial identity solutionsMarcos CarreteroStandardsYouTube
Day 2The new privacy landscape or: How I learned to stop worrying and love privacy regulationsMarla HayPrivacy, Regulatory & LegalYouTube
Day 2Evolving Authorisation in the EnterpriseOlaf GreweAuthorizationLincoln
Day 2Capital One Presents: Moving from account-based to identity-based customer serviceCapital OneIdentity VerificationLincoln
Day 2Entrepreneurs, Data, and Privacy: A Race to the TopElizabeth Renieris, Jeremy Grant, Magdi AminPrivacyYouTube
Day 2Understanding the needs of Marginalized Communities When Building Identity SystemsKaliya YoungPrivacy, Regulatory & LegalJefferson
Day 2Identity & Distributed Ledger – Today & TomorrowElizabeth Renieris, George FletcherDecentralized IdentityYouTube
Day 2The Most Forgotten Thing in Identity ManagementIan GlazerIdentifiersYouTube
Day 3Standards: The Bedrock of IdentityBrian Campbell, Pamela Dingle, Vittorio BertocciStandardsYouTube
Day 3The next wave of Identity standardsAlex SimonsStandardsYouTube
Day 3Omada Masterclass: Don’t Forget the Audit on your Digital JourneyChris Gregory – OmadaIdentity Governance & AuditYouTube
Day 3A Protected Digital Identity for the Healthcare SectorCatherine SchultenRegulatory & LegalYouTube
Day 3What’s Old is New Again. Can Identity Centric Security Finally Make Zero Trust a Reality?Carlos GarciaAuthorizationYouTube
Day 3Capital One Masterclass: Creating Customer First AuthenticationClayton Johnson, Melissa Heng – Capital OneCIAMLincoln
Day 3SailPoint Masterclass: What’s AI got to do, got to do with it?Mike Kiser – SailPointIdentity Governance & Audit, Machine LearningYouTube
Day 3Radiant Logic Masterclass: Implementing the Future of IDMRadiant LogicIdentity Governance & Audit, Digital TransformationYouTube
Day 3Insider Threats: When Privacy, Security and Identity Management CollideMarla HayIdentity Governance & Audit, Incident ResponseYouTube
Day 3Microsoft Masterclass: Best Practices for managing & governing outside partner accessMicrosoftFederated IdentityYouTube
Day 3The Identity Architecture PanelGreg Smith, Pamela Dingle, Baber AminPrivacy, CIAMYouTube
Day 3Privileged Access Management – Getting Started Using Open Source & Community Edition SoftwareKen RobertsonPriviliged Access ManagementYouTube
Day 3Half Life: Embracing the natural decay of everything, and how this informs our Identity systemsDavid SkybergAuthenticationBallroom
Day 3BYOIDaaS: Automating IAM Infrastructure & OperationsJon LehtinenIDaaS, DevOpsYouTube
Day 3So You Think You Can Two FactorNishant KaushikMultifactor AuthenticationYouTube
Day 3The Developer’s Guide to Policy-Drive AuthZDavid BrossardAuthorizationYouTube
Day 3Understanding Identity Trust AnchorsDerek HansonAuthenticationYouTube
Day 3Security the Nation’s most Sensitive AssetsRoss FoardIdentity Management, Authentication, AuthorizationYouTube
Day 3Modlishka – Is a Mantis Eating 2FA’s Lunch?Lance PetermanMultifactor AuthenticationYouTube
Day 3Harness your Identity Analytics to Deliver Contextual AuthenticationSteve HutchinsonAuthentication, Machine LearningYouTube
Day 3Automated testing of your IAM platformPaul HeaneyDevOpsYouTube
Day 3IAM of Things. Is that even a thing?Bertrand CarlierIdentity of ThingsYouTube
Day 3Omada Presents: Finding your way on your IGA journeyChris Gregory, OmadaIdentity Governance & AuditYouTube
Day 3ForgeRock Presents: Multiple Journeys, One SolutionAshley Stevenson – ForgeRockIGA, Authentication, CIAMYouTube
Day 3Developing World IdentityJeremy Grant, Kaliya YoungRegulatory & LegalYouTube
Day 4An Interoperable Personal Data Receipt Ecosystem in PracticeKantara Initiative – Andrew HughesPrivacyYouTube
Day 4ForgeRock Masterclass: The Easy (and Secure!) Way to Build JavaScript Web Apps with OAuth 2 and OIDCForgeRockAuthentication, AuthorizationYouTube
Day 4How to Train an Identity Engineer: A Firsthand Account of Becoming an Identity Engineer on the JobAlyssa KelberProfessional DevelopmentYouTube
Day 4Auth0 Masterclass: Identity and the Yellow Brick Road…Vittorio Bertocci – Auth0Authentication, CIAM, Digital TransformationYouTube
Day 4How to Become an Identity JediDavid LeeProfessional DevelopmentYouTube