Embracing Uncertainty: IDPro’s Plan for 2021

It seems that “uncertain” was a ubiquitous word used to describe nearly everything in 2020. We recognize that the world was thrown a massive curveball last year, and that makes any manner of success and momentum even more important to acknowledge. 2021 is a new year with plenty of opportunities for progress and addressing old and new challenges. 

Over the past year, IDPro® membership grew with two new member companies and more than 60 identity professionals joining the more than 700 members actively engaging in our Slack workspace and contributing to the more than 16,000 messages posted on the channel. Slack has been an excellent venue for our members to share technical expertise across an array of topics. In addition, IDPro continues to host members-only virtual meetups, welcoming attendees from around the globe. These opportunities for ongoing member engagement are continuing throughout 2021 with multiple virtual Happy Hour events scheduled and new conversations kicking off in our Slack Community on a daily basis.

In order to set IDPro up for success each year, we prioritize and organize our plans via a V2MOM (Visions, Values, Methods, Obstacles and Measures). The methodology enables us to clearly state the organization’s vision and values along with obstacles it faces. We use this method to describe the primary methods we will use to achieve our vision and measurable goals for that work. Members can view the 2021 V2MOM here. If you are interested in accessing the V2MOM and taking advantage of other IDPro membership benefits, review the full details and join IDPro

As part of our continued effort toward sharing knowledge throughout the industry, IDPro’s Body of Knowledge (BoK) recently celebrated its first complete year of production and has released the highly anticipated Issue 4. During this first year, the committee has published three issues of volume one with the incredible – and greatly appreciated – help of contributing IDPro members. Articles range from a breakdown of terminology leveraged throughout the BoK to an explanation of the Digital Identity Lifecycle and much, much more. The published issues are available in the Body of Knowledge on our website and we are always looking for new contributors.

Whether on Slack, contributing to the BoK or participating in Identiverse – and other IAM industry presentations – IDPro members are constantly creating new resources to further expand the Identity Access Management (IAM) ecosystem. The transition to a completely digital environment will continue to benefit from our members and their commitment to the industry. There are several exciting events and discussion opportunities coming up for both IDPro members and identity practitioners that are interested in getting involved with their community. These events include:

  • IDPro Virtual Meetup US and Asia Pacific: June 21, 5pm PDT/8pm EDT/10am AEST (12am UTC)
  • Identiverse
    • Hybrid experience: June 21 – 23
    • Virtual experience: June 23 – July 2

For more information about virtual Slack meetups and Happy Hours, Identiverse activities, upcoming webinars, scheduled meetings, and general IDPro news, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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