Empowering Humanity: Celebrating Identity Day

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In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, personal information is the currency of the online world. The significance of being able to prove your identity is necessary to function in society. Identity Day, a global initiative started in 2018 by ID4Africa and observed on September 16th, casts a spotlight on the pivotal aspects that shape our identities: inclusion, protection, and utility. This day serves as a powerful reminder of the responsibilities and opportunities that come with our digital and physical identities.

Inclusion: Bridging the Gap

At the heart of Identity Day lies a commitment to inclusion. An estimated 850 million people across the globe lack proper proof of identity, with a significant portion residing in Africa. The overarching goal is to ensure that no one is left behind, regardless of their circumstances. Identity Day strives to create awareness and galvanize efforts to provide every individual with the means to prove who they are—an essential prerequisite for accessing fundamental rights and opportunities.

ID4Africa isn’t the only group focused on highlighting the need for Inclusion. Women in Identity’s Code of Conduct program has published some incredibly moving videos about the importance and challenge of establishing an identity when in a minority. 

Protection: Safeguarding Our Digital Selves

Identity theft and privacy breaches are modern-day threats that can have far-reaching consequences. For those fortunate enough to possess identification, Identity Day serves as a call to fortify their identity against theft and unauthorized use. It is a reminder that the digital breadcrumbs we leave behind can be exploited by malicious actors. By prioritizing the security of our identity, we contribute to a safer online environment and protect ourselves from potential harm.

Members of IDPro know all about the issues of safety and security in identity systems. We have a vision that includes ensuring:

  • Digital identities are created, managed, and used professionally and ethically, through secure, privacy-protecting, and reliable practices that produce high-value digital services.
  • The disciplines of digital identity and access management are globally seen as vital and vibrant counterparts to privacy and information security
  • Practitioners in all phases of their careers have access to continuing education and development materials that help them achieve their goals.

Utility: Harnessing Identity’s Potential

Identity is more than just a means of recognition; it’s a tool that can empower and simplify our lives. On Identity Day, let’s take a step back and think as individuals who exist with our identities firmly established. How does your identity shape your daily experience? Is your identity a key that unlocks opportunities, or does it serve as a barrier? This introspection offers a chance to optimize the utility of your identity. It is time that you ensure your identity aids in realizing your aspirations and streamlining your interactions with the world. It also gives you a baseline as to what we’re trying to build for everyone.

Identity Day’s Call to Action

Identity Day is not just an observance; it’s a call to action. It urges governments, organizations, and individuals to work collectively to establish equitable access to identity, enhance identity protection measures, and harness identity’s potential for the greater good. By embracing the principles of inclusion, protection, and utility, we foster a future where identities are recognized as a cornerstone of human rights and global progress.

As we commemorate Identity Day, let us recognize the power of identity to shape lives, enable connections, and drive change. Let us stand united in the pursuit of a world where every individual’s identity is valued, safeguarded, and harnessed for its full potential. Together, we can empower humanity through identity.

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