Identiverse® 2022

Identiverse 2022 is slated for June 21-24 in Denver, Colorado, and is anticipated to operate as a mainly in-person event.  As with every year, the bulk of the agenda will be put together from proposals received through the open and public Call for Presentations (CFP), which will open for submissions in early December, and run until early January.  The content committee will then review submissions, and proposers will be notified of decisions in February 2022.

The conference this year will have a particular focus on Trust, which the Oxford English Dictionary primarily defines as a “Firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something; confidence or faith in a person or thing, or in an attribute of a person or thing.”

Questions of trust lie at the very foundation of our identity systems.  We trust standards bodies to develop protocols that will be useful, practical and secure.  We trust developers and vendors to build products, solutions and services that will implement those standards in performant, scalable and extensible ways.  We trust providers to deliver robust services that we and our customers can rely on.   We trust executives to listen and to support and fund the crucial work that we do.  And, of course, we develop and implement mitigations in case our trust is misplaced.

But trust is broader than this; and trust goes both ways.  As consumers and as citizens, we would like to trust that organisations won’t collect information they don’t need; that they will handle that data safely and properly; that they will keep pace with rapidly evolving best-practices in identity, security and privacy.  A world in which that trust is not assured is an uncomfortable world at best; and many people today live, work or interact in circumstances which are not inherently trustworthy. 

The OED has a secondary definition of Trust.  “To take on (also upon) trust (formerly also †to take up in (also upon) trust  †to receive in trust and variants): to believe or accept a statement, story, etc., without seeking verification or evidence for it.” (Emphasis added).  

Over the past 24 months, we’ve seen an explosion in digital identity assurance and verification programs.  Mobile drivers’ licenses, COVID and other healthcare passes and certificates, digital boarding cards, facial recognition for age verification and in-store check-out… the list is long, and it is growing.  As a result, we’re also seeing an explosion of interest in governance and interoperability within and between use-cases and sectors: trust frameworks, attribute mapping and matching, account linking and more besides.

These advances hold great promise to make our lives more efficient and connected; to reduce friction, and fraud, and risk.  But a balance is needed, too.  Trust is a fragile thing—hard to gain, easy to lose, difficult to rebuild.  Organisations and institutions must take care not to overstep the bounds of our trust, lest they lose our engagement and, in the end, our support.

Trust is an important topic, but it’s certainly not the only issue of note in the industry!  The topic focus each year for Identiverse infuses but does not dictate the agenda and the event.  New and emerging standards and architectures; deployment stories and leading practices; identity for connected devices; new approaches to privacy, security, devops, engineering; sector-specific identity practices in healthcare, manufacturing, government, education, financial services and more; and specific identity-related disciplines like CIAM, auth’n, auth’z, self-sovereign, IGA…. That list barely scratches the surface: and your proposals on these and many other topics will inform and contribute to the agenda.

This year’s content committee and I look forward to seeing your proposals; and I trust that we’ll be able to get together in person in Denver in June.

Andrew Hindle

Independent Consultant, Board Member IDPro

Andrew is an independent consultant specialising in digital identity, cyber security and privacy. He is a founding member, and Chair of the Board, of IDPro; he participates as a voting member of the User Managed Access Working Group at Kantara; and he is an active member of the Open Identity Foundation (OIDF).  Since 2015, he has been Content Chair for Identiverse®. Andrew has over 20 years experience in the software industry in a range of technical sales, pre-sales, product marketing and business development roles. He maintains CIPP/E, CIPM and CIPT privacy certifications with the IAPP; a CIDPRO certification from IDPro; and holds a BA in Oriental Studies (Japanese) from Oxford University and an advanced professional diploma in corporate governance. Outside of the world of identity, Andrew is Chair of Trustees for his local scouting group, rides regularly with a local road cycling group, and plays keyboard, guitar and bassoon (not at the same time) with more enthusiasm than skill, and for an audience of one. Andrew is based in the UK.

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