Identiverse Preview: Deployments & Leading Practices

by Greg Smith

Only three months to go! Identiverse is IDPro’s home event, and it will be taking place in Denver as an in-person conference on June 21-24, 2022. The content committee has been busy reviewing and selecting proposals. It’s shaping up to be another excellent agenda. Together with fellow IDPro member Lorrayne Auld at MITRE, I’m excited to be co-leading the Deployments and Leading Practices (D&LP) topic once again. In this blog, I’d like to share some of the upcoming highlights for our track.

D&LP is the place where you can come to learn how some of our larger enterprises deal with identity at scale, how they manage large rollouts, and the challenges they face. These could be workforce identity implementations, CIAM programs, or any combination thereof. In short, expect some war stories from the real world, and some great advice for avoiding some of the pitfalls of large IAM programs.

Our speakers in this track will be coming from a healthy mix of global enterprise identity practitioners, international government agencies, consulting companies, financial institutions, and identity solution vendors. And more than a few of our fellow IDPro members!

This year’s theme is “Trust”, which offers plenty of latitude for our topics. You’ll hear from companies like Target and J&J about their trust journeys with FIDO2 adoption and managing Single Sign-On at scale. We’ll hear from PayPal about the frameworks they developed for Connected Identity across the PayPal ecosystem. HSBC will be talking about building trusted identity frameworks using open-source software. The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration will explain why agility should be considered when evaluating identity products for your organization.

Our Trust theme wouldn’t be complete without a session on Zero Trust. We have at least four, from Uberether, ProofID, Ping Identity, and Easy Dynamics. And two of those are real-world deployments for the US federal government and the US Department of Agriculture. The ProofID session will dive into customer experience from an omni-channel perspective, which can be immensely challenging. Nok Nok will be sharing five real-world deployment stories for passwordless authentication, and our speaker from Gluu will remind us that the password isn’t quite dead yet. Microsoft will share advice on getting to strong authentication on your passwordless journey while showing a positive ROI to your senior leadership. Customer experience is trending and gaining attention, not only within the Federal Government, but also here in our track where the FIDO Alliance will provide an update on optimizing the user experience for FIDO security keys.

We’ll learn more about verifiable credentials from Avast. Curity’s speaker will explain how applying OIDC profiles for Open Banking can benefit the financial services industry as well as the rest of us. We’ll hear from Authlete about real-world examples of configuring OAuth and OIDC correctly to avoid data breaches. Last, but certainly not least, Wavestone will provide invaluable advice on how not to fail at your IAM project.

Over the next couple of months, our speakers have a lot of work to do to turn those topics into full-fledged sessions. I am really looking forward to seeing what they come up with, and then sharing it with all of you at Identiverse in Denver! If you haven’t already registered to attend, what are you waiting for?

Stay tuned for more Identiverse updates in the weeks to come.

Greg Smith

Chair, IDPro Editorial

Radiant Logic

Greg Smith is a Solutions Architect with Radiant Logic. He has been implementing Identity & Access Management solutions for over 35 years. He holds BSEG and MSBA degrees from Bucknell University, where he also began his professional career before moving into the Pharmaceutical industry in 1996. After a 25 year career there, he recently retired from Johnson & Johnson, where he led the engineering team for J&J’s single sign-on, risk based authentication, multi-factor authentication, access governance, directory synchronization and virtualization, provisioning automation, and PKI services. He has spoken at Identiverse® and other industry events on numerous occasions. He was recently CIDPRO™ certified and is also a founding member of IDPro, where he currently chairs the editorial committee.

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