Identiverse Recap

Identiverse is always overwhelming. So many sessions. So many people. So many great conversations. But this year’s was especially so.

First, the biggest takeaway for me was the noticeable maturation of identity conversations. I got the sense that, although we still struggle with deployments and systematizing the fundamentals, we are beginning to extend our gaze towards the horizon a bit more. We are looking towards the unfolding future state of our businesses, our internet, and our societies and seeing opportunities like we never have seen before.

Wow have we grown! My second takeaway was that our ranks have increased. Seeing the 2000 or so of us in sessions and on the expo floor was really amazing. One of the best indicators of our growth was the Women In Identity lunch and how packed it was! Kudos to Pam Dingle, et al for continuing to build a great community. And special thanks to Pam for having Kriti Sharma address the group!

This growth has also come with expected growing pains and those willing to help ameliorate those pains. I had many conversations about how challenging it is to build new identity professionals. I had an equal number of conversations with people who said simply, “I want to help.” Up until recently, IDPro was not prepared to facilitate this participation. Honestly, I’m not sure we are 100% ready but I don’t want to let great be the enemy of good. Our fellow professionals need help and it’s time to do more. Here are areas where the industry and IDPro could use help:

  • Mentors – I talked about mentorship in my keynote. Nothing can turbo charge a professional like having a mentor. And I can personally attest that being a mentor is an immensely satisfying endeavor. And if you don’t think you have what it takes or that you aren’t senior enough, let me tell you right now that that is the sound of imposter syndrome. Even if you have only been in the industry for a few years, you can be a mentor. You can talk to what you felt and what you learned just starting out. In some ways that is more relevant advice than the whimsical musings of someone who might have more years in industry… “Back in my day I rode a DAP directory to work everyday uphill both ways in the snow, etc.
  • MeetUp Speakers – the number of identity-related meetups is growing and the need for speakers grows along with it. If you want to talk about something you accomplished or an innovative use of identity technology or your personal growth in the industry, there are definitely places to do so.
  • Editorial Committee – I know you’ve got something cool to tell everyone and I also know some of you want to help us produce this newsletter and such as well. Your help is needed!
  • “Voice of the Practitioner” – IDPro has signed a memorandum of understanding with DIACC to help their work on an identity curriculum. DIACC is working with the Canadian government along with four higher education institutions to create educational materials. IDPro members are going to help review these materials and make sure that they are practical, applicable, and understandable. And I guarantee you this won’t be the last time we help another organization in this way!
  • Body of Knowledge – IDPro wants to begin work on the Body of Knowledge shortly. We will be forming a committee to help guide and oversee this work. If you haven’t taken the Body of Knowledge survey, please do so to help us shape the work. The Board met after Identiverse and the Body of Knowledge was one of the primary foci of our meeting. I feel good about the early plans we have here and I am excited to kick off the work.

So how do you help? It starts with a simple email to Drop us a line, tell us how you’d like to help and we will go from there!

Finally, it was amazing to see IDPro’s presence at Identiverse. For the first time ever we had a booth equipt with all the trappings. Seeing the IDPro sign, our “flag”, at our booth was really something. Even more so was to see all of the sessions about the identity profession and professionals. Once session recordings are up we will consolidate the list of IDPro-related sessions and get them out to everyone. Thank you to everyone who represented IDPro on stage, on the expo floor, and in the hallways. Thank you to Omada for helping co-host our first happy hour. And most importantly, thank you to you, our members – the energy you bring to this industry, this organization, and each other is deeply appreciated!

Ian Glazer
Founder and President,

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