IDPro® Continues Organizational Growth and Expands Digital Identity Certification Opportunities

IDPro’s addition of key corporate members and expansion of its CIDPRO™ certification and learning opportunities highlights the growing recognition of the digital identity industry

January 5, 2023 8:00 AM Eastern Standard Time BEAVERTON, Ore. (Business Wire) IDPro®, an open, global non-profit association created to define, support and improve the digital identity profession, continues to build momentum as a key organizational community within the identity and access management (IAM) industry, onboarding membership from multiple organizations in 2022 including CVS Health, Easy Dynamics, Radiant Logic, Target, AllState, Mass Mutual, Identity Fusion, Cross River, ADP, CoClo, IDENTOS and Kenoxa GmbH. IDPro furthers the discussion on important digital identity trends by providing professional certification, through the Certified Identity Professional (CIDPRO™) exam, and learning opportunities, through the Body of Knowledge (BoK).

News Highlights

  • Identity management is a multibillion-dollar global industry with growth expected to double in the next five years, creating a demand for IAM certification and learning opportunities.
  • IDPro fills these gaps by providing its members with an engaged digital identity community that emphasizes digital identity-centric learning and discussion while actively supporting them through the CIDPRO certification exam, which provides industry professionals with a foundational and consistent measurement of industry knowledge.
  • IDPro has added 11 member companies in 2022, growing to almost 40 total member companies and over 1,000 identity professionals. Each member helps IDPro to support the digital identity profession while standardizing key terminologies and furthering the discussion on IAM industry topics.
  • The CIDPRO exam provides identity professionals with a credential that validates their foundational IAM industry knowledge. The completion of the CIDPRO beta exam in 2022 demonstrates its importance as an essential piece in validating identity experts’ industry knowledge. 
  • IDPro’s BoK, a compendium of curated articles that serves as a robust IAM learning resource, celebrated its second anniversary in March, highlighting its continued impact as a foundational educational opportunity for digital identity professionals.

“Our organization’s CIDPRO certification exam enables industry professionals to demonstrate their IAM knowledge, allowing organizations to support their digital identity divisions,” said Heather Vescent, Executive Director and President, IDPro. “IDPro’s membership growth proves that industry recognition is increasing – companies need vendor neutral education to support their digital identity professionals. With IDPro’s continued growth, these opportunities become increasingly more foundational and important for the industry as a whole.”

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IDPro is an open, global non-profit association created to define, support and improve the digital identity profession. The organization aims to enable a diverse, supportive and inclusive identity community that:

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