Joining the IDPro Body of Knowledge Committee

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The IDPro Body of Knowledge (BoK) Committee is seeking new members to help guide the future development of the Body of Knowledge.   

Over the past three years, this volunteer group established structures, budgets, and staff that have enabled our Principal Editor, together with volunteer writers, to produce ten issues with high-quality articles about digital identity and access control.  The IDPro Body of Knowledge now represents the most comprehensive documentation of the Identity and Access Management (IAM) technology sector globally. The BoK defines terms and normalizes vocabulary across the sector and provides a core understanding of IAM issues to the public. There is no charge to persons accessing the document repository. All IDPro Bok documents are peer-reviewed and regularly updated to keep up with technological developments.

It’s Time to Grow the IDPro BoK

It is time to take these efforts to the next level. 

If you are working in the field of digital identity, you know that this is a rapidly changing sector, and understanding the technology can be complex.  There is a need to develop skills and knowledge in this area and to document technological advances in the BoK.  As a member of the BoK Committee, you will be a part of fulfilling the IDPro mission to create and maintain a core repository, open to the public, that documents the main topics that IAM professional needs to understand.

IDPro BoK Committee Engagement

By being involved, you will

  • Help ensure the “BoK” provides comprehensive study material for the CIDPRO™ certification.
  • Help locate and support new authors.
  • Be a part of growing the nascent ‘Paid Writer Program’.
  • Establish institutional support for foreign language translations.
  • Deepen your IAM knowledge by reviewing articles prior to publication.
  • Establish industry contacts and improve your own curriculum vitae.

During the next few months, the role of committee chair will become vacant.  This will be an opportunity to have a larger impact on the direction and progress of the BoK.

The committee meets bi-weekly (there are two meetings that cover the same ground – one for Europe and one for the Asia-Pacific).  These meetings provide a forum where the committee can assist the Principal Editor and keep abreast of developments.   Additionally, toward the end of each editorial cycle, members are requested to review the peer-reviewed articles. The BoK Committee’s role is to ensure the articles fit in the IDPro BoK. While the members are not expected to produce new articles, they are welcome to collaborate on material as appropriate.

The chair provides support to the Principal Editor and the members, typically attending all meetings, and acts as a liaison to the board.

Membership Requirements

The committee is open to IDPro members and non-members.  However, the chair must be either an Individual Member or a Delegate of an Organizational Member.  The BoK committee will elect the new chair.

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