Current IDPro® members are offered a discounted fee for bundling CIDPRO™ exam registrations:

  • 10 CIDPRO exams = $5,625 (25% discount)
  • 50 CDIPRO exams = $26,250 (30% discount)
  • 100 CIDPRO exams = $48,750 (35% discount)

If you are interested in purchasing a bulk order not listed above, please contact us and we will provide assistance.

If you or your company would like to purchase a CIDPRO exam bundle or adding a bundle to your membership renewal fee, please email for more information.

Learn about the CIDPRO certification here.

IDPro offers 4 kinds of membership:


Membership for a single person


Membership for companies that product digital identity-related technologies and services


Membership for private sector organizations that work digital identity but aren’t providing identity technologies or services.


Membership for non-profits, public sector, and education institutions.

IDPro offers 4 classes of membership: Corporate; Enterprise, Group, and Individual. Within these classes are different levels of participation. The Corporate membership (Champion, Advocate, & Affiliate) is oriented towards those organizations interested in maximizing their marketing relationship with IDPro.

Large corporations are defined as those with over 500 employees.
Medium corporations are defined as those with between 2-500 employees.
Sole is defined as individual or small organizations with 1-2 employees or sole proprietor.