IDPro’s mission is to globally foster ethics and excellence in the practice and profession of digital identity. We do that by supporting IAM professionals with the Body of Knowledge, the CIDPRO certification and our vibrant members only community. Register for our introductory webinar, where you’ll discover the benefits of joining IDPro.

IDPro Offers

  • Vendor Neutral Learning Materials via the Body of Knowledge
  • CIDPRO Certification that was developed for practitioners by practitioners
  • A Professional IAM Community: Founder Ian Glazer describes it as the “ultimate phone a friend.”
  • Industry Discounts: Most recently, like 25% off at Identiverse and EIC

Organizations join IDPro to

  1. Hire and retain talent.
  2. Offer employees an IAM career path.
  3. Grow employee skills.
  4. Participate in industry networking.
  5. Give back to the IAM community.


IDPro offers 2 kinds of membership:


Membership for a single person


Membership for companies that product digital identity-related technologies and services