• Digital identities are created, managed, and used professionally and ethically, through secure, privacy-protecting, and reliable practices that produce high value digital services.
  • The disciplines of digital identity and access management are globally seen as vital and vibrant counterparts to privacy and information security
  • Practitioners in all phases of their careers have access to continuing education and development materials that help them achieve their goals.
  • Respect: We recognize that diversity of background and of opinion is a strength; we promote healthy discourse; and we strive to resolve dissent professionally and courteously 
  • Responsiveness: We take account of the rapidly evolving digital identity landscape and adapt effectively and efficiently to stay relevant to our members and our colleagues
  • Transparency: Through our actions, we promote operational transparency whilst respecting individual privacy
  • Inspiration: We deliver world-class professional leadership for our industry and our members and our colleagues
  • Inclusivity: We welcome, support, and encourage digital identity professionals from all backgrounds
  • Partnership: We support, promote, and encourage other organizations who foster similar values and goals with the identity industry and related fields.
  • Monthly newsletter with content on pertinent identity-related issues, written by members for members
  • Digital forums for member interactions
  • Curated event and meet up calendars
  • News clipping service to help members keep up with all of the latest developments in our industry
  • A job board
  • A comprehensive Body of Knowledge that enables practitioners to learn the discipline of digital identity

IDPro exists to globally foster ethics and excellence in the practice and profession of digital identity.

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