AI authentication by facial recognition concept. Biometric. Security system.
True confession: Many decades ago, my 17-year-old self created a synthetic identity with ready-made biometric authentication…otherwise known as a fake Read more
Since its inception in 2017, IDPro® has been on a journey of growth and innovation. From our founding to the Read more
Authorization has become the latest buzzword in IAM land. Second to none… Well ok maybe second to passkeys. And with Read more
Authentication and Authorization Capability Taxonomy in a Zero Trust model
Many organizations hear from vendors, thought leaders, and perhaps strange women lying in ponds who distribute swords that they need Read more
As an introspective person, I often ask myself, “why identity?” Why, out of all of the industries that I have Read more
Introduction Both the identity and the data security world can be vast and complex these days. It's sometimes common to Read more
Diagram of the UNDP Model Governance Framework for Digital Legal Identity Systems
Digital identity systems have been a core component of organizations in every sector and around the world. Here at IDPro, Read more
artistic rendering of a wasp
FYI I love acronyms: acronym soup, acronyms al dente, acronym au jus… Acronyms FTW. So, when I started working on Read more
My opinions are my own and do not reflect the views of others at my employer, the Federal Reserve System. Read more
Artistic rendering of the concept of layered authorization models.
by Alexandre Babeanu, 3Edges, and Tariq Shaikh, CapitalOne Background The true beginning of scientific activity consists rather in describing phenomena Read more
Well, it’s a wrap on a very successful Internet Identity Workshop (IIW). A few weeks ago, 300+ attendees all gathered Read more
Headshot of Vittorio Bertocci
The identity community and the world lost an amazing person in October. Vittorio Luigi Bertocci was a kind and brilliant person. He Read more
Artwork depicting delegation
by Vipin Jain Delegation in IAM empowers organizations to distribute authority, responsibilities, and access privileges effectively, enabling efficiency and maintaining Read more
Identity Day Logo
In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, personal information is the currency of the online world. The significance of being able Read more
IDPro®, the leading organization for identity management professionals worldwide, is pleased to announce the appointment of Heather Flanagan as its Read more
Authorization concept.
(This post was previously published on Heather's blog, and has been updated based on the conversations it inspired.) I have Read more
Authorization mark
For the first time ever, Identiverse headed to Vegas for its annual conference. It was a hit, as always, and Read more
Photo artwork - little wooden figures with a magnifying glass focused on one
We are pleased to announce that the results of the 2023 IDPro Skills, Programs & Diversity Survey are now available! Read more
Government-issued digital credential graphic art depiction
In October of 2022, the OpenID Foundation contacted me about helping develop a research paper on government-issued digital credentials through Read more
Darkened image of a hand touching an iPad with a little digital ghost hovering over it labelled "AI". Keywords LLM, Generative AI.
By Mike Kiser We live in an age that values authenticity: being true to who you are and what you Read more
Thinking about Deployments & Leading Practices (D&LP) for Identity
Hard to believe that in just over a month, we’ll be gathering in Las Vegas for Identiverse. IDPro’s home event Read more
Shocked and surprised boy on the internet with laptop computer as he realizes just how little privacy there is on the web
As many do, I sort of fell into Identity. I worked as a Product Manager in cloud platform API services. Read more
Passwordless Login with Passkey Concept - Authentication and Login Credentials that Remove the Need for Passwords - 3D Illustration
Let’s talk about passwordless, but less about the how and more about the why of passwordless. The drive toward passwordless Read more
Artistic rendering of a map with the shadow of people collaborating overlaying it.
The IDPro Body of Knowledge (BoK) Committee is seeking new members to help guide the future development of the Body Read more
Since its inception in 2017, IDPro® has been on a journey of growth and innovation. From our founding to the Read more
We would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest corporate members Indigo Consulting and Structured Query! Indigo Consulting Read more
Identity, much like tamale-making, the Wave, or Bollywood dancing, is best done in the community. We learn the most as Read more
I recently decided to switch to a new password manager and thought it would be worthwhile to share my experience Read more
IDPro® is pleased to welcome our newest corporate member MassMutual! MassMutual is a Massachusetts-based insurance company that offers life insurance, Read more
The AWS Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (ID&E) Innovation Fund program enables organizations to make a positive impact on racial and Read more
IAM is a fundamental component of security, privacy, and user experience. Without any measure of the diversity, goals, interests, skills, Read more
I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) in November after being away from Read more
It’s that time of year when we all pause to reflect on events in our lives, personal and professional. As Read more
Identity management is a multibillion-dollar global industry with growth expected to double in the next five years. But finding experienced Read more
During a recent IDPro® webinar, IDPro Principal Editor Heather Flanagan and IDPro Executive Director and President Heather Vescent discussed the Read more
We would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest corporate members Allstate and Okta! Allstate is an American Read more
Why Should I Care About GraphQL ? If you work in identity, sooner or later you’ll need to secure access Read more
IDPro’s mission is to globally foster ethics and excellence in the practice and profession of digital identity. We do that Read more
During the latest IDPro® webinar, the 2022 Skills, Programs & Diversity Survey Q&A webinar, IDPro founders Ian Glazer and Andi Read more
IDPro® is excited to welcome CVS Health as the newest Champion member of our organization of digital identity professionals. CVS Read more
I have a "smart" TV which apparently can act like a hub for other "smart" appliances (made by the same Read more
IDPro® would like to warmly welcome our newest corporate members Easy Dynamics Corporation, Cross River and IDENTOS!  Easy Dynamics Corporation Read more
We are pleased to share that 25 people have completed IDPro’s Certified Identity Professional (CIDPRO) exam and have become CIDPRO Read more
We warmly welcome the newest corporate IDPro® members, Radiant Logic and Target, to our community of identity and access management Read more
After two long covid years it is once again possible to meet up with your IAM industry peers. If you Read more
A friend of mine recently received his new electric vehicle, full of all the expected modern experiences and connectivity. So Read more
We are pleased to announce that the results of the 2022 IDPro Skills, Programs & Diversity Survey are now available Read more
The IDPro Body of Knowledge (BoK) offers information on topics ranging from Identifiers and Usernames to the IAM Reference Architecture. Read more
By Greg Smith The Internet Identity Workshop meets twice a year and publishes proceedings for those who were unable to Read more
by David William Silva, PhD This is the last article of a series of four on the basics of the Read more
By Vittorio Bertocci After having attended in person one Identiverse, two EICs, one AuthenticateCon, one IETF, one OSW and one Read more
As part of IDPro®’s continued efforts to promote a diverse and inclusive identity community, we are pleased to announce that Read more
GDPR Part 3
by David William Silva, PhD This is the third article of a series of four about the General Data Protection Read more
Did you know about World Password Day? It takes place every year on the first Thursday in May and is Read more
Welcome to Identity Management Day 2022! Identity management is the term that describes how organizations maintain effective security to prevent Read more
One of the core values of IDPro is “Transparency”, and with that in mind the Board has a well-established tradition Read more
by Heather Flanagan This month marks  the second anniversary of our first articles published to the IDPro Body of Knowledge Read more
by Ian Glazer Women In Identity (WiD) is a volunteer-run, international not-for-profit organization that promotes diversity and inclusion across the Read more
by Martin Sandren If you have been working in the IAM space for a while it is quite interesting to Read more
by David William Silva, PhD This is the second of four posts about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) according Read more
by Greg Smith Only three months to go! Identiverse is IDPro’s home event, and it will be taking place in Read more
by David William Silva, PhD The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is considered the most comprehensive security and privacy law Read more
After what feels like an eternal period of COVID waves we are finally moving into what we hope is the Read more
by Simon Moffatt Well, as we enter 2022 - and a good way into 60 years of using commercial computer Read more
by André Koot I’m not sure when I heard it first. It must have been a while back, but it Read more
In November 2021, the world lost Kim Cameron, a champion of digital identity. In honor of this esteemed thought leader, Read more
by Martin Sandren One of the lessons learned from 2021 is that ransomware can target any and all companies. Hailing Read more
During the season of giving, there’s always at least one person on the list that seems impossible to buy for. Read more
by Greg Smith Are you taking full advantage of all that your IDPro membership has to offer? One of the Read more
The OpenID Foundation membership voted to approve the Client-Initiated Backchannel Authentication (CIBA) Flow - Core 1.0 on September 1. Though Read more
Identiverse 2022 is slated for June 21-24 in Denver, Colorado, and is anticipated to operate as a mainly in-person event.  Read more
IDPro®  continues to evolve and has grown significantly since its launch four years ago. From founding this organization in 2017 Read more
We are excited to share that the results of the 2021 IDPro Skills, Programs & Diversity Survey are now available Read more
by David Brossard, Sr. Director Identity, Product Management — Salesforce Background A few months ago, just as summer was getting Read more
by Alex Babeanu, Identity Solutions Architect — Nulli The Golden Age We can trace the field of Identity and Access Read more
We are excited to announce that the CIDPRO is now available globally to all identity and access management (IAM) practitioners Read more
by Heather Flannagan Nearly a year and a half ago, IDPro launched the Body of Knowledge (BoK) to provide a Read more
Identiverse® 2021 has concluded and we’re still reeling from the excitement of the knowledge exchanged during the event, the sense Read more
by Vladislov Shapiro The end of May and beginning of June were dominated by the news about ransomware attacks on Read more
It seems that “uncertain” was a ubiquitous word used to describe nearly everything in 2020. We recognize that the world Read more
The “Getting to Know IDPro” blog series is back with Greg Smith, Chairman of the IDPro Editorial Committee. Greg discussed Read more
We recently celebrated the one year anniversary of the IDPro Body of Knowledge (BoK), but don’t put away your party Read more
2020 required some fairly drastic changes to nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Along with individual challenges, businesses both Read more
It’s hard to believe it has been a year since the launch of the IDPro Body of Knowledge (BoK). We Read more
By Lance Peterman It sometimes seems there is a holiday for everything these days. From National Donut Day (mark your Read more

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