Northern Europe 2022 IAM Conferences Overview

After two long covid years it is once again possible to meet up with your IAM industry peers. If you are US-based you have had Identiverse® and Gartner IAM to enjoy, but even for the people that are based in the EU, there are a wealth of choices.

In the Netherlands we have the annual IdNext event running on September 27 and 28 in Utrecht. The theme this year is “Decentralized identities in practice” and if this piques your interest, please take a look at the agenda: 

IDnext Event 2022

(In the interest of full disclosure I do have to mention that I am part of the program committee for IdNext.)

The Whitehall Media IDM Europe conference takes place on October 4, also in Utrecht, and features several interesting talks by a number of distinguished speakers including our own Anmol Singh.  Full details are at:

IDM Europe 2022

Sweden has finally gotten a proper IAM conference in the form of IdentityDay that runs on October 5 in Stockholm:


Later in the year, KuppingerCole is inviting us to come to Berlin November 8 to 10 to attend their Cybersecurity leadership summit. Although this conference is primarily focused on Cybersecurity, there will be a fair amount of IAM talks as well.

Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2022

In addition to these larger conferences, you may also want to attend one or more of the various IAM meetups including:

IdentiBeer Oslo

IdentiBeer Copenhagen

IdentiBeer Helsinki

Amsterdam Digital Identity Meetup

Martin Sandren

IDPro® Founding Member

Ahold Delhaize

Martin Sandren is a security architect and delivery lead with over twenty years of experience of various information security related roles. Primarily focused on security architecture and digital identity including global scale customer, privileged and employee IAM systems using Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Sailpoint, Saviynt, Forgerock, IBM and Oracle security stacks. Experience includes architect, onshore and offshore team lead as well as individual developer. Wide international experience gained through having lived and worked in Sweden, Germany, UK, USA and the Netherlands. Martin is a frequent speaker at international conferences such as Consumer Identity World, MyData and European Identitiy and Cloud Conference.

“In my role as IAM engineering manager I lead our global team of IAM engineers and BAs who continuously strives to provide quality IAM services to our 750 000 associates in 20+ opcos.”

Martin Sandren is a board member of the IdNext foundation, founder of the Digital Identity Amsterdam meetup and active within IDPro. Learn more and sign up

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