RSA 2019 IDPro BoK Bash: Social Event & Body of Knowledge Fundraiser

Happy new year!

Since our inception, IDPro’s goal has been to develop and foster a community where digital identity professionals can learn more about issues and technologies related to their field, interact with other professionals across the globe, and engage in professional development.

A primary goal for the organization in 2019 will be to accelerate development of the IDPro Body of Knowledge (BoK) – our collection of curated articles, whitepapers, and resources that is destined to form the basis of a robust learning and – in time – certification program for the identity professional.

Volunteer efforts by members of IDPro and of the wider IAM community around the world are already in progress and will take us a long way towards our goal.

But to deliver a robust set of materials at the high level of quality to which we aspire, we need to get some extra help — professional project management and editorial resources — and for that, we need additional, dedicated funds.

To that end, this spring at the RSA Conference 2019 in San Francisco, IDPro will be hosting a social event for identity and access management professionals to connect with each other, exchange best practices, tell identity jokes, etc. This event will also serve as a fundraiser for the IDPro BoK – The funds contributed in support of our BoK Bash will be split between hosting the social gatherings and supporting the development of the BoK.

All contributors to this event – whether existing IDPro members or not – will receive the following benefits:

  • Prominent branding as a co-host of the event, in all print and social media promotions and collateral
  • Permanent acknowledgement as a founding supporter of the IDPro Body of Knowledge
  • A list of those attendees who have opted in for information sharing
  • Our gratitude for your support and a special thank you gift (to be determined).

We welcome contributions from organizations in any amount and propose the following for your consideration:

  • Platinum Sponsorship: $25,000
  • Gold Sponsorship: $15,000
  • Silver Sponsorship: $10,000
  • Bronze Sponsorship: $5,000

Our goal is to raise a total of $100,000 – any contribution you can make will be welcome.

If you would like to sponsor this event, please complete and return this sponsorship contract.  Feel free to contact either myself or the IDPro Executive Director, Debbie Mac, should you have any questions or would like to support in another manner.

Here’s to a healthy happy 2019, amazing progress on the Body of Knowledge, and  your ongoing support!



PS: I’m sure you further questions and so… here’s a handy FAQ.

What type of event will the Bash be?

Currently the ‘event’ is scoped as a two-day morning coffee (Tuesday and Wednesday) gathering, where IDpro members and guests will have an opportunity to meet, sync schedules and interests, and reconnect after a full day of sessions to compare notes. This is subject to change based on venue availability. Another option is an evening social event/activity such as an escape room and reception.

When will we know if the event will be a go (i.e.viable)?

We will inform all sponsors by February 12, 2019 (or one week earlier?) if we have sufficient interest for this event. Any funds committed will not be accessed until the event has reached minimum viability.

What do sponsors receive?

In addition to the benefits outlined above, Platinum sponsors will be able to place collateral on a tabletop and have their logo(s) printed on promotional items/giveaways.

What should sponsors provide?

  • A responsive primary point of contact, as the timeframe between soliciting sponsorships and the event itself is short.
  • High resolution logos and company boilerplate
  • Marketing contact (as desired)

Will you limit the number of sponsors?

We have a limited number of opportunities for the Platinum sponsorship but have no limits for the other sponsorship levels.

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