Observations from RSA and Identiverse

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Attending both the RSA Conference and Identiverse this year has been an enlightening experience. I’ve witnessed firsthand how identity security is bridging the gap between IAM and security, bringing these traditionally separate domains closer together. At the RSA Conference, the emphasis on AI and its integration with IAM solutions was palpable. This cutting-edge approach showcases the future direction of our industry, where advanced technologies are becoming integral to identity management. The discussions around AI were not just theoretical but practical, highlighting how these innovations can address current challenges and anticipate future threats.

Differing Perspectives

However, I noticed a clear distinction in how identity security is perceived by the IAM community compared to the security community. IAM professionals are often engrossed in the daily operational challenges and actionable solutions. It is their day-to-day. Their priorities are grounded in the here and now, putting out fires and ensuring seamless, secure operations. On the other hand, the security community is captivated by what’s coming next, and identity is becoming a mainstay in security. They are driven by a vision of the future, exploring how AI and other advanced technologies can transform the landscape of identity security. This forward-looking perspective was evident in the numerous AI-focused discussions at RSA.

The unifying theme across both conferences was the opportunity presented by a data-driven approach to identity security. Regardless of their immediate focus, everyone is beginning to see the value in leveraging data to enhance identity management and security. This approach promises not only to optimize current operations but also to provide predictive insights that can preemptively address potential vulnerabilities. As we move forward, it’s clear that data will be the cornerstone of our strategies, helping us to build more resilient, adaptive, and secure identity management systems. This convergence of IAM and security, underpinned by data-driven insights, marks a pivotal moment in our industry, and I’m excited to be at the forefront of this transformation.

Will Lin has started and incubated multiple successful organizations, including a cybersecurity-centric Non-Profit, a Venture Capital firm, a book “The VC Field Guide,” and VC-funded startups. He has contributed to the security & IAM ecosystem with senior & board roles at companies such as Attivo Networks (SentinelOne), Bishop Fox, Concourse Labs (Fortinet), Forgepoint Capital, LoginRadius, Remediant (Netwrix), Security Tinkerers, Sphere Technology Solutions, Symmetry Systems, and Uptycs. His current full-time venture, AKA Identity, is building the data and intelligence layer to enable, secure, and govern identity and access management in the workplace.

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