Gigya is excited to become a founder member of IDPro. As a leading Consumer Identity Access Management provider, Gigya is committed to the establishment and cultivation of an Identity professionals community. We share IDPro notion that identity practitioners did not have a professional organization for too long. We are happy to support the effort to help Identity professionals define, improve and learn more about their trade. This effort will also allow Identity professionals to be united in voicing their opinion on Identity related issues globally and to work towards their common interests.
Eyal Magen Chief Strategy Officer, Gigya
“SailPoint is proud to be a founding member of IDPro. Building a professional community in this important area of specialization is a significant step in the right direction. Identity and access management is now at the center of enterprise security so building a professional body for it is a key next step.”
Darran Rolls Chief Technology and Chief Information Security Officer, SailPoint
“We are excited to work with IDPro to continue strengthening digital identity across the globe. The concept of building an organization of digital identity practitioners is long overdue – like the security, privacy and business disciplines, identity professionals need to come together and set the agenda for digital transformation. SecureKey is a pioneer for consumer digital identity and we’re excited to help organizations formalize the importance of identity in a modern digital economy.”
Andre Boysen Chief Identity Officer, SecureKey Technologies