The 2023 IDPro Skills, Programs & Diversity Survey

IAM is a fundamental component of security, privacy, and user experience. Without any measure of the diversity, goals, interests, skills, and trends among identity professionals and the enterprises that employ them, however, we have no hope of efficiently and purposefully improving our industry.

January 17, 2023 is the kick-off of our sixth IDPro Skills, Programs & Diversity Survey, which shows us what’s driving the digital identity industry today.  The survey is open now until March 1, 2023, and we will share the results in time for Identiverse 2023.

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IDPro created the survey in 2018 to assess the goals, interests, and skills of identity professionals. Each year , we expanded the survey to examine individual and employer priorities, as well as inclusion and diversity within the IAM industry. 

Insights from IAM Professionals 

Since our original survey in 2018, we continue to see the trend that IAM practitioners struggle with the complexity of the industry, including the ability to  feel proficient in their field. And this “imposter syndrome”, only gets worse the longer you’re in Identity! 

We’ve discovered  an interesting trend in the tools and platforms used. In 2021, IAM practitioners stated that directories were heading out the door, and they were increasingly concerned with identity verification. IAM has become ubiquitous enough across the enterprise by 2022 that the term “applied identity”—individuals who apply identity services to address particular business needs but do not consider themselves identity practitioners—is a new field to watch. 

For the last few years, the global pandemic has been a driving force in business, and survey results reflected that. Technical and emotional support were top of mind in 2021 as respondents prioritized issues around work from anywhere, digital transformation and the need for practitioners to connect  It will be interesting to see if that is still the case when we see the results of the latest survey as more organizations rescind work-from-home support and require time back in the office. 

Supporting Identity Practitioners. 

As the survey results capture the evolution of our industry, IDPro evolves with it. The CIDPRO™ exam exists because of the 2020 survey, where  practitioners shared the value vendor-neutral training. The IDPro Body of Knowledge exists to provide vendor-neutral educational material to address the ongoing challenges of identity practitioners not feeling proficient in their field and newcomers to identity needing a place to start. 

The BoK launches new articles several times a year and . takes direction from what IAM practitioners tell us what they need to know.

The Value of Membership

The IDPro Skills Survey is the chance to reflect on the state of our work, the gaps between individual and enterprise goals, where the diversity and inclusivity of the industry can be improved, and what skills are most important to build up to stay relevant in the future. With your participation, we have a powerful opportunity to observe our industry at when it is more relevant to the world than ever before.

The survey is open to all IAM practitioners until March 1, 2023, and we will share the results in time for Identiverse 2023.

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