The 2023 IDPro® Skills, Programs & Diversity Survey Results Are Now Available!

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We are pleased to announce that the results of the 2023 IDPro Skills, Programs & Diversity Survey are now available!

This is the sixth annual installment of the digital identity industry survey conducted by IDPro and made possible thanks to our members and participants. IDPro’s annual surveys are a deep dive into the identity and access management industry. We couldn’t create this without you.

Attracting nearly 30% more respondents than last year, the 2023 survey is set against a backdrop of economic uncertainty, the ongoing after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and significant geo-political challenges. The role that digital identity technologies, processes, and programs—and associated laws and regulations—play continues to grow as our reliance on the Internet deepens.  Our digital world simply cannot operate without digital identity: digital identity is critical infrastructure for the internet. 

Survey Highlights

Within this context, through the 2023 skills survey, IDPro has established the following:

  • The industry is growing rapidly — reflected both in practitioner demographics and in a reported need for continuing professional development, particularly amongst the longest-serving practitioners—with implications for individual career development and for enterprise talent acquisition and management programs.
  • Enterprises have yet to fully recognize the value of their digital identity programs in enabling customers (both internal and external), versus managing and protecting systems, evidenced by an ongoing focus on technologies like (multi-factor) authentication and authorization, coupled with a relatively lack of interest in enabling technologies like CIAM and the personal identity technologies including self-sovereign identity (“SSI”), verifiable credentials (“VCs”), and digital wallets.
  • Enterprises will increasingly turn their attention to authorization deployments; and practitioners should be well-positioned to support these initiatives, unless technological approaches evolve significantly (which they may).
  • In common with many other sectors, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies are likely to have a significant impact on the digital identity industry and digital identity practitioners.  Risks and opportunities will emerge; but it is still too soon to draw any firm conclusions about specifics.
  • There is less practitioner interest in standards development, and an increased focus on combining existing standards and technologies to solve business problems.  To some extent this reflects the greater reach of the survey, but it may also indicate a phasic maturity within the industry: with a few notable exceptions, many of the technical problems are seen as ‘solved’, if not yet fully realized.  It is unlikely, however, that this will remain the case.

There is so much more to learn from the survey, and you are welcome to download a copy here.

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