The IDPro Body of Knowledge Continues to Produce Outstanding Industry Content With Issue 6

by Heather Flannagan

Nearly a year and a half ago, IDPro launched the Body of Knowledge (BoK) to provide a much needed resource for  industry information and insight. Twenty-six articles published by twenty-four authors and over one hundred terms defined later, the sheer amount of knowledge collected in the IDPro Body of Knowledge (BoK) is amazing. We are so excited to share that it’s continuing to grow with the latest issue of the BoK – Issue 6 – available September 30, 2021.

The latest Issue contains some powerful fundamentals, including articles describing an IAM Reference Architecture and how that architecture can be applied to SAML flows in a cloud-based infrastructure. It features practical information on Authentication and Authorization, PKI for Identity Practitioners, and updates on three classic articles introducing concepts in IAM architecture, access control, and privacy.

Based on the feedback we received from IDPro members at our Plenary earlier this month, throughout the next year we’ll be focusing on the completion of a collection of core IAM material as it pertains generally across all industries and specifically to the enterprise sector. Other sectors will have their day as we still intend to publish articles that describe IAM considerations and best practices in the health care, fintech, and higher education verticals, among others. 

The BoK would not be the useful, practitioner-oriented resource it is today without you. It is IDPro members that have the expertise to write and review these articles, creating a resource that supports the mission and vision of this organization. We hope you will join us in celebrating this new Issue and also consider how you might be able to contribute to the future of the BoK.

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