Welcome to the Newest IDPro Members – Indigo Consulting & Structured Query

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest corporate members Indigo Consulting and Structured Query!

Indigo Consulting is a boutique consulting company specializing in the delivery of Identity, Governance and Access Management services to worldwide customers. Indigo Consulting offers the OpenConnect product which provides the capability to manage mobile identities and system access.

Structured Query is an information technology and software development consultancy company.

As corporate IDPro® members, Indigo Consulting and Structured Query receive access to branding opportunities throughout the IDPro website, the ability to create content for IDPro’s monthly newsletter the Monthly Member Update, early access to the annual IDPro Skills, Programs & Diversity survey, access to our members-only Slack channel to discuss IAM topics, CIDPRO exam discounts and more. You can read more about IDPro membership benefits on our website.

IDPro continues to grow as more industries, corporations and professionals recognize the importance and necessity of the digital identity industry. The discussion continues to grow on identity and access management topics within our Slack channels and throughout our published content. As the industry expands, as well as industry recognition, the need for certification tools and identity resources like the CIDPRO exam and the Body of Knowledge compendium also grows.

Stay tuned for future member updates on the IDPro community!

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